Air Conditioning System Repairs

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Located centrally in Westchester County, the pros at HVAC Specialist Inc. will quickly respond to your needs and ensure that the problem is resolved in the shortest time possible. Our professional cooling contractors are consistently retrained and re certified to ensure that they are trained on all of the newest and industry leading systems. 

Ensuring your system is working to it's full potential not only will save you from costly replacements but also maximum comfort! If you think you hear evening the slightest ding, ping or clank, give us a call! Do not wait until your system is completely broken. Seeing a build of condensation or ice on your unit could indicate a serious problem even though the inside of your property could be cool and comfortable. If you wait until a system is completely inoperable the repairs can be more time consuming and costly and can even lead to needed complete replacements. 

If you work with us we guarantee to work with you! The most important thing we can stress is to schedule routine maintenance to ensure your system is always working up to its full capacity. So give us a call today ! Its easy as 1-2-3 to stay cool and comfortable with he pros at HVAC Specialist Inc.!

We Service all types of systems including: 


Ductless Systems

Radiant Heating

Commercial Systems


Central Systems


Air Purifiers

Heat Pumps

Geothermal Systems

Emergency Services




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