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Myth: You need to get the ducts of your central system cleaned every year or two. 


Valid? NO!


These duct-based systems are not insulated, meaning that the insides of the ducts do not have much for dust and other particles to get caught on. When we receive calls for this type of work we typically have two questions: Do you never clean your house or do you have over 30 animals? Typically the answer is no and therefore the duct work itself is fine, it could just be something on either end of the system causing a blockage or poor quality of air, such a the need for a filter to be replaced.  

We use things such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, professional air purification systems, high quality filters and UV lighting elements to ensure a high quality of air within your home or commercial property. Located centrally in Westchester County, he pros at HVAC Specialist Inc. will quickly respond to your needs and ensure that the system needed for your house is carefully selected with all options presented.


Our energy efficient systems provide the highest standards of indoor air quality control, all with the potential of saving you on your monthly electric bills!


If your system is over ten years old or you have seen an increase in your monthly home expenses then now is the perfect time to give us a call and schedule a consultation!

We service, repair and install the following systems:


Ductless Systems

Radiant Heating

Commercial Systems


Central Systems


Air Purifiers

Heat Pumps

Geothermal Systems

Emergency Services




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